DIY Jewelry Bar Posted on 25 Sep 10:17 , 0 comments

written by: Tina Dillingham


THE CHALLENGE: How can I participate at events with inventory on hand, that is neat, organized, and does not take up much space?  I also wanted to display my jewelry at eye level, on tables that were inviting and cohesive with my brand's aesthetic.

THE SOLUTION: A jewelry bar!!  I used the plastic storage bins I already had, and designed a collapsible, and easily transportable wall and table top cover.  This is a multi-functional structure that not only displays my jewelry, but neatly hides my supplies behind while at events.





Tall storage bins


2, 4'x8' sheets of louan (cut to your desired length)

1 quart of paint (your choice of color, for the wall portion)

1 quart of paint (your choice of color, for the top & trim)

3/8" plywood (cut to your desired length)

Fancy trim for top (cut to your desired length)

Fancy trim for bottom (cut to your desired length)

1 piano hinge

1 caulk gun



1) Paint the 2 sheets of louan, color of your choice.  Wait to dry.

2) Apply the piano hinge to the the inside.  This allows the two sheets to be connected and folded flat during travel.

3) Adhere trim to bottom of panels by using 5 minute appoxy glue.  Make sure the ends are mitered and meet perfectly at the corner.

4) Create top by adding trim along the edge, underneath.  Again, use a miter saw to make sure the ends meet perfectly at the corner.  To secure, use 5 minute appoxy plus nails.

5) Use caulk to cover any imperfections. When dry, paint color of your choice.

6) To create corner, one top will have trim on all 3 sides.  The longer side will only have trim on two sides.