How to wear the bralette 5 different ways Posted on 4 Sep 10:27

Bralette Style Guide

Looking for a comfortable, sexy alternative to the strapless bra torture chamber? Look no further, Babes - We’ve got the answer right here, let us introduce you to…THE BRALETTE! 

Bralette Style Guide Feminine Edge

It features my favorite bralette of them all, the Adella from Free People.

For this look, we are pairing this gorgeous, Boho, open-lace garment with an oversized, deep-V tank.

Allow the lacey “feminine edges” to peek out in all the right places… taking this top from boxy to sexy! This one BEGS to be “added to your cart!”

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Bralette Style Guide Boho Babe


This look features the Gossard Superboost Lace Deep V bralette- a racerback style with great support and a front hook-and-eye closure.

This garment provides all the support of a regular bra but with the added sex appeal and lacey detail of the bralette.

And that’s not all, babes…it comes in cup sizes B - H! This bralette is made for all women, all shapes and saucy sizes.

We’ve paired it with a backless, lightweight ASOS dress to show off its gorgeous back detailing. 

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Bralette Style Guide Sexy is Back


This look features an open-lace, racerback bralette that exudes comfort, elegance, and desire.

We’ve paired it with one of my all-time favorite flirty feminine items: the backless sweater. This sweater has off-the-shoulder potential and is actually reversible… allowing you to rock the knotted detail in the front!

This styling is perfect for a cool 🌬 autumn 🍁 night with its cozy and seductive balance.

Every time I wear this, I’m asked,

“Where did you get this sweater?”

“Where can I find this bra?!”

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Bralette Style Guide Unbuttoned Bombshell


This B O L D look features a provocative and demure bralette with a classic white blouse. The bralette provides a balance between delicate straps and ample coverage, so unbutton that blouse and show it off, babes!

The oversized, boyfriend blouse has off-the-shoulder potential, adding even more flirt to this fit.

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It’s so simple and fast! Plus you’ll get more tutorials on each look!

Bralette Style Guide Risky Business


This daring look features a structured bralette with angular cutouts and notched wire accents. This one ticks all the boxes:

💋 feminine ✔️

💋 badass ✔️

💋 seductive ✔️

💋 confident ✔️

💋 whole lotta sexy ✔️

We’ve paired it with an oversized, open blazer to ensure we don’t lose one jaw-drop as we cross the room! Eyes will be locked in on this one. Consider the show to be stolen, babes!

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